How writing changed my life?

Back in school, I wasn’t particularly well at writing. Unlike some of my peers who seem to be talented in writing, I take writing as an arduous task. I did not take writing seriously until I started my endeavour in the education business. Writing has since become part of my job. I would write the teaching plan, training proposal, press release for events or even become a copywriter for social media’s posts. Besides that, I have been avoiding writing, and even if I tried, it seems like I failed to fill the paper with meaningful words and sentences.

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Until I read some articles that recommend writing for entrepreneurs, these articles suggested writing to consolidate incoming information from reading and other sources. Writing would also help make ideas become concrete. In retrospect, reading these articles provided me with insight to break through the bottleneck I was then stuck in. I then started the 365-day project of writing my thought after reading every day. Since 2016, I have committed to writing daily and have gained enough confidence in putting my writing to the public. Hence, I started to write on my website.

In 2020, I published my first eBook, sharing details on the 365-day project. Then I took another step and started writing articles on my LinkedIn profile and Medium. I just started writing for the public; although not many people choose to read my articles, I treat it as feedback to continue improving my writing. I would not be as open-minded if I have not started writing daily; writing has made me face my fear of being criticized.

My daily writing routine started five years ago helped me become a better person with a clearer mindset. I could lay abstract concepts and ideas from my mind onto a piece of paper, and almost instantly, I found a way to make these abstract ideas into actionable tasks.

To write more articles, I need to constantly alert for useful information. Reading is one of the best ways to receive quality information which helps writing. To read more, I joined the early-risers club to read intensely and write articles while my family is still asleep. My ultimate goal is to join the 5 am Club, which I would never attempt before I commit to writing regularly.

I can’t tell why writing has such an influence on my life, but I truly experienced the power of writing and will continue to write more.



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Yean Foong (M.Ed.)

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