Life Lessons I Learned From My 3 Bosses

A good boss teaches you something, but a bad boss teaches a great deal!

Yean Foong (M.Ed.)


I have had three bosses before I quit and started my own company. These three bosses taught me some life lessons.

Boss #1: Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!

My first boss is a Taiwanese. Not only does he has a military background, but he was also a military instructor that has trained thousands of soldiers over a decade in the military.

For him, discipline is everything. The most essential quality of an employee is absolute obedience. Although I do not appreciate how harsh he could be, I admit I have learned to impose self-discipline.

Wait, he had more. He likes to humiliate employees in public, and (yes, more to come), he wants to do it with a video recording so he can distribute the VCD to all branches worldwide. I was in one of the collections. He called me “moron” and “pig”, even humiliated my family for raising me.

Thanks to the unique “training”, I learned to protect myself from others harsh comments and stay up with my own values.

Boss #2: Leadership Is Not In A Title

My second boss is a female CEO. When I started to work at her company, I didn’t get to see her often, but every time I met her, I couldn’t help asking myself, “how could she be so successful?” and “how can I be successful like she did?”

I only have about one year of employment under this amazing lady, but she taught me a lesson that affected me even after leaving her team. I learned to decide my value by myself. My values are no longer bound by the number of sales or how many cold calls I made but by how much effort I put into bringing the team one step closer to the goal.

Boss #3: How To Be A Good Boss

My third boss taught me how to be a good boss. He was not a good boss. In fact, he was the worst one. He showed me what the worst a person could do, so I reminded myself not to do anything he did.

Unlike my first boss, who humiliated employees in public, this boss never ever looked at you at all. His narcissistic…



Yean Foong (M.Ed.)

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